Color Street Nail Strips Review

I always have enjoyed taking care of my nails, either professionally or with an at-home manicure. I’m lucky to have strong nails with large nail beds, that look good even when short, but unfortunately my cuticles tend to grow with my nails, so it’s a never ending battle keeping them in check. Gel nail polish […]

What’s a Clycolic Acid Peel?

When your skin is in serious need of some TLC, book yourself a chemical peel . Though there are different types of peels for various skin types and ailments, a safe bet is always one using glycolic acid. To walk us through what exactly goes on during this magical treatment for melasma, sun spots, and […]

The Best Dry Shampoos

If you’re anything like me, hair washing is a weekly or at most, twice a week event. Having thick dry hair creates a lot of frizz, which means using product to tame it, which in turn requires more washing, thus creating a vicious cycle. Enter dry shampoo! Gone are the days of dumping baby powder […]

Tria Hair Removal Laser Review

Getting rid of unwanted hair has been a goal for women, and some men, for a few decades now. The at home hair removal laser Tria has been on the market for several years. Using it as directed for at least 8 treatments you’ll notice a substantial reduction on hair growth. Unfortunately this product will […]

DIY Hair Masks

Finding the right shampoo can be a struggle if you have less than perfect hair. For example, an oily scalp can contribute to dry hair, due to the number of washes required to keep hair from looking dirty. On the other hand, a dry scalp benefits from regular washing, which can turn hair strands dull […]